Share Your Heritage with Your Child

Alborz Farsi School was established in September of 2004. Founders of Alborz started this program with the goal of being the top center of excellence for teaching Farsi in Northern California.

Our goal at Alborz is to reach more students to teach our culture, language and heritage. In addition to this we hope to continue our quest for students to receive foreign language credits, in various districts in Northern California. It is our mission to inform and educate modern Iranian-Americans to read and write Farsi, as well as learning the importance and beauty of their culture.

It is with great honor and privilage to announce that starting July 2014, Alborz Academy has become the first and only supplementary Farsi program to receive accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This great achivement has enabled our students to receive accreditation in different levels of their education.

Alborz is located at 1954 Camden Ave. #3 San Jose , Ca. 95124 (408) 829-8296. This center is designed to better match Alborz unique and highly successful semi-private teaching style of very small classes where six or less students seated around a teacher and each get their own customized curriculum matching his/her grade and capability level.

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